The most exotic regions of the world, and a refuge that enhances the survival of our ecosystem, have been recreated in a real oasis.

Visitors can enjoy the most striking flora in various parts of the park, although the key element is the only Botanical Garden in Fuerteventura, where you will fall in love with the tropical, succulent and native plants that grow in our magic corner.

 well-known for the special attractions and experiences. Reptiles, sea lions, birds of prey and parrots are the main stars in the most entertaining and educational shows you have ever seen. Not only will you need your sense of sight, but also all your other senses. Oasis Park offers you the possibility of interacting with ...

Lemurs and sea lions, going on a Camel Safari or taking a picture with the family. Don’t forget that the restaurants offer you maximum comfort and the most exquisite cuisine in the heart of the oasis; after all, you will be needing a break. 

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