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One of the places of diving in the Canary Islands is Los Lobos
or at Parque Holandés *El Jablito*. We only work with the best diving schools !! 
You will see all kinds of fish, rays, angelshark... amazing life UNDER THE WATER! The beauty of Fuerteventura extends to the wondrous underwater seascapes of its marine habitat.

diving10Half of the reserve is all you see unless you're a diver and visit the underwater world just offshore.

Fuerteventura or Lobos with its sheltered coves, clear water, abundance of sea life, and fascinating underwater topography, is considered the best diving spots on the Canary Islands.  Despite its cold water, scuba divers flock to the underwater reserve in their wet suits  to enter the domain of fish, creatures without backbones, and marine mammals.

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